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Lithium Prospects Looking Good

8/18/2015 10:41:08 AM

Lithium’s importance to battery systems may lead it to become the next booming material, according to James Stafford of Oilprice.com. The push for electric transportation and green energy, which is often intermittent by nature, will create competition for cheaper and more efficient batteries to store the energy.
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Mining Could Help Argentina Recover

8/12/2015 04:31:22 PM

Argentina’s upcoming elections may boost its mining sector’s investment attractiveness, according to Mining Weekly. The positive news is partially due to the anticipated pro-market reforms being emphasized in the country’s upcoming elections. According to Reuters, economic advisers to major candidates said they “plan to liberalize the dollar exchange rate, cut taxes on lucrative grains exports, and move to plug a fiscal deficit and tame inflation.”
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$5.4 Trillion Dollars-Worth of Asteroid

8/11/2015 03:40:16 PM

Observers of the space mining industry have recently had their attention drawn towards a lucrative asteroid containing high concentrations of platinum. According to RT, asteroid 2011 UW158 contains approximately 90 million tons of platinum in its core, worth an estimated US$5.4 trillion.
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