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Peak Everything?

9/9/2014 03:46:11 PM

Are we running out of everything, again? That would appear to be the case based on a new infographic from Visual Capitalist, posted on Mining.com. According to the new estimates, the world will “run out” of oil shortly after 2050, gas around 2075, and uranium around 2080.
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Mining exploration continuing to shrink globally

8/28/2014 02:34:30 PM

The SNL Metals and Mining Report “World Exploration Trends” found mineral exploration continues to shrink globally; explaining miners “cut their exploration activity sharply in 2013 in response to lower metals prices, uncertain demand, and poor market conditions”.

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Resources Rent Tax

8/28/2014 02:19:30 PM

Continuing industrialization in developing countries suggests that demand for vital commodities such as metals and minerals will continue to increase. This increased demand will result in even greater interest in mining activities in both Canada and Australia. One form this interest may take is with regard to taxation.

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