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On Nevada Mining Tax - Caution Needed

10/16/2014 10:10:35 AM

On November 4th, as much of the U.S. is fixated on the approaching Midterm Elections, many people in Nevada will be pondering the implications of Question No.2 on this year’s ballot. Section 5 of Article 10 of the Nevada Constitution provides that taxation on profits from mineral based resource industries shall not exceed 5 percent, and Question No. 2 asks whether Nevadans would like to amend the constitution to remove this provision.
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Indonesia’s Troubling Mining Situation

9/11/2014 03:05:56 PM

This week the Indonesian government took steps that may derail future investment within the country’s mining industry. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Indonesia has reached an agreement with two major mining operators—Freport-McMoran and Newmont—that will see a 7.5% levy on mineral exports.
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Peak Everything?

9/9/2014 03:46:11 PM

Are we running out of everything, again? That would appear to be the case based on a new infographic from Visual Capitalist, posted on Mining.com. According to the new estimates, the world will “run out” of oil shortly after 2050, gas around 2075, and uranium around 2080.
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