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Goldman Heading out of Colombia

5/12/2015 12:08:54 PM

This past week, investment banking giant Goldman Sachs announced a planned divestiture of its mining holdings in Colombia. Partial justification for the proposed sale arises from claims of “operational difficulties.” According to the Wall Street Journal, these included the forming of a human blockade to protest labour issues, rapidly falling coal prices, and the effects of an environmental law that shut down production for almost an entire year.
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Security Matters in Mining

4/21/2015 04:44:09 PM

Amongst mining taxes, environmental regulations, etc. security policies related to mining and its investment gets relatively little attention. However, a secure environment is crucial for attracting highly mobile investment. Recently in Mexico, armed robbers seized 900 kilograms of gold-bearing concentrate, containing about $8.4 million in potential revenue.
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Protests Erupt in Greece

4/21/2015 04:36:41 PM

Mining is in the news in Greece, as protests have erupted over the new Greek government’s revocation of Eldorado Gold Corp.’s license to develop a gold mine. Thousands of miners were protesting the government’s decision which may cause the miners to lose their jobs.
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