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U.S. Energy Boom: Shifting energy supply

8/15/2014 04:51:55 PM

A recent article by the Wall Street Journal reported that “In U.S. Energy Boom, Alaska is Unlikely Loser” explains that the booming industry in other parts of the country explains the decline in Alaskan Oil production.
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A brief guide to Graphite

8/12/2014 11:59:41 AM

After decades of near-dormancy in the graphite industry, an increasing number of companies are racing to produce flake graphite, the purest natural form of the mineral touted for its lightness, extreme resistance to heat and high conductivity.
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Frack Sand

8/7/2014 04:08:59 PM

If oil is black gold then “frack sand” is gold dust. When most people think of mining they think about precious metals such as gold or silver. Because sand is used in hydraulic fracturing (fracking), demand for sand has increased.

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