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    MiningFacts.org: A Resource for Canadian Mining Information

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    Mining Facts examines the issues and debates surrounding the activities of Canadian mining companies, both in Canada and abroad. It is intended to be a mining information resource for those communities, citizens, and the news media who have questions about the impact of mining activity.

    Mining, by its very nature, has an effect on the region in which it takes place. These effects can be complex, interrelated, and can occur over a long period. At the same time, mining presents opportunities worldwide. These opportunities include transforming natural resources into jobs, using resource wealth to raise standards of living and reduce poverty, making governments more accountable for managing resource wealth, and ensuring that resource extraction does not take place in a manner that permanently damages the environment upon which surrounding communities depend. Such issues require a holistic perspective that considers the impact of mining on the environment, on communities, and on economics.

    This site aims to present evidence-based mining facts and information in a way that permits balanced consideration of the impacts and opportunities that come from mining. It is written for a general audience, with links to more in-depth research provided for those seeking further mining information.

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