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    The Plan Nord’s hoped-for cash windfall is far from a sure thing
    Op-Ed by Jean-François Minardi, associate director of the Fraser Institute’s Global Natural Resource Policy Centre. Originally published June 4, 2012 in The Montreal Gazette.
    The End of the Commodity ‘Super Cycle’: root causes and consequences for miners

    Financial analysts have been proclaiming the end of the so called commodity super cycle for some months now and mining companies are starting to feel the pinch of lower commodity demand and prices. The demand and price weakness is being felt in markets for most mineral commodities – iron, copper, coal, and precious metals – and it is starting to squeeze miners.

    Mining Policy Matters

    According to an article on Mining.com, mining companies in Mexico are threatening to move their investment capital to other jurisdictions if Mexico advances with a plan to impose a 7.5% tax on resource companies

    Miners happy with Canada’s 2014 budget

    Over at Mining.com, Cecelia Jamasmie discusses the ramifications of the 2014 federal budget to the mining sector.

    The Impact of Mining on British Columbia’s Economy
    The Mining Association of British Columbia has released an Economic Impact Analysis, prepared by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, which quantifies the impacts mining on British Columbia’s economy. Direct effects of mining on the economy in terms of output, jobs, and taxes were calculated and reported.
    Serbia’s mining revival

    Serbia is on the cusp of a mining revival according to an article featured recently in the National Post. Although gold and copper has been mined in some parts since Roman times, the mining sector has been stagnant since the early 1990s when wars tore Yugoslavia apart.

    Mining Tax Wars from Australia

    In 2012 the Gillard government introduced mineral resource rent tax or MRRT in Australia which was applied to iron, coal and coal gas. Other minerals were exempted.

    Uncertainty deters investment in oil and gas development

    Lawrence Solomon has a great piece in the Financial Post, pointing out that U.S. exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) would not break Russia’s hold on the natural gas market in Europe.

    Wealth lies in institutional integrity and not resources

    A commentary in the Globe by Brian Lee Crowley highlights the importance of the institutional framework, and not simply the presence of natural resources, as a key ingredient for wealth.

    Quebec’s new government can’t ignore the importance of mining

    With Quebec’s election now behind us, the Liberals must now turn their attention to governing.

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