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    Mining needed to meet mineral needs of renewable energy
    Mining needed to meet mineral needs of renewable energy. Soaring demand and shortages in mineral supplies threaten renewable energy expansion A recent report by the United Nations predicts that wind, solar and other renewable energies will eventually account for most
    Trying to go green? You need mining

    A recent article in the Vancouver Sun illustrates the near impossibility of making greener decisions – like biking to work – without mining. 

    Oil sands operators increase recycling and decrease fresh water use

    The Financial Post recently published a special report on water use in the oil sands written by Mark Young.

    Are We Running out of Minerals?

     Back in the 1950’s and 60’s geologists started pointing out that projections for economic growth in the near future would require using more basic materials – copper, iron, lead, zinc, oil and natural gas, etc., – than have been used since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the late 17th century. This caused concern and governments in developed countries in Europe and North America and scientists from many disciplines began looking into the field of “mineral availability”.

    When Monopolists Over-Reach

    Mining.com has an interesting article about an impending price war and renewed global competition over a group of elements known as the “rare earths.”

    Wealth lies in institutional integrity and not resources

    A commentary in the Globe by Brian Lee Crowley highlights the importance of the institutional framework, and not simply the presence of natural resources, as a key ingredient for wealth.

    Peak Everything?
    Are we running out of everything, again? That would appear to be the case based on a new infographic from Visual Capitalist, posted on Mining.com. According to the new estimates, the world will “run out” of oil shortly after 2050, gas around 2075, and uranium around 2080.
    Cleaning up mining: a new industry group hopes to raise the profile of cleaner mining innovations
    The mining industry is often portrayed as a dirty industry, using old technologies and without regard for the environment. Yet increasingly, the mining industry is taking a proactive approach to improving environmental performance and using new technologies that decrease water and energy use, minimize environmental disturbances, and better remediate mine sites after mining operations are complete.
    Do we need to expand our natural resource base through space exploration?
    While the concept of mining in space has been in science fiction for decades, it now could be closer to reality.
    Mining and Sustainable Development: New research series released by ICMM
    The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has launched a new research series to describe the role of mining and metals in sustainable development. The first in the series, Mining’s Contribution to Sustainable Development, was launched at the Rio+20 summit.
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