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    Cleaning up mining: a new industry group hopes to raise the profile of cleaner mining innovations
    The mining industry is often portrayed as a dirty industry, using old technologies and without regard for the environment. Yet increasingly, the mining industry is taking a proactive approach to improving environmental performance and using new technologies that decrease water and energy use, minimize environmental disturbances, and better remediate mine sites after mining operations are complete.
    EPA casts doubt on Pebble Mine

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a new report casting a large shadow over the prospects for the proposed Pebble mine in Alaska. The EPA study is not an evaluation of a specific mining proposal, but rather, assesses the potential impacts of mining in the Bristol Bay region by creating 3 mining scenarios.

    Mining Innovation: 100 Innovations highlighted in a new book
    Humans have mined minerals since the beginning of our civilization. While such a long history may imply old and outdated methods, a new book by Minalliance on 100 innovations in the mining industry quickly dispels this idea.
    BC coal faces growing demand abroad and opposition at home

    India’s demand for British Columbia’s metallurgical coal is growing, as reported in an article by Gordon Hoekstra in the Vancouver Sun. Metallurgical coal is used in steelmaking and the Indian government forecasts that it will need twice as much of this coal by 2017.

    Will China’s Environmental Transition Hurt Coal Mining?

    In the environmental economic literature, there’s a well-understood model that explains environmental degradation and remediation in terms of a country’s development.

    Strange Bedfellows: Miners Taking to Renewable Energy

    In a fascinating article in Mining Journal, Ruth Green discusses the increasing adoption of green power by the mining sector, particularly in Africa.

    England Getting Sirius about Potash
    On June 30th the North York Moors National Park Authority (NPA) in England made the final decision to push forward York Potash mining Project, which had been proposed to be located in the North York Moors National Park, near the town of Whitby.
    Neil Young’s elitist views would increase poverty

    In the 20th century, much of the divide in politics and policy was over how best to create jobs, incomes and keep people from starving. In other words, how to create opportunity as part of the good life.

    Canadian Miner Prepared to Lose $1.5 Billion Investment
    After 15 years, 7 different CEOs and $US1.5 billion worth of investment, the Canadian-listed Gabriel Resources (TSX: GBU), may be preparing to cut its losses. In a statement released this week, the company reiterated that it will seek international arbitration should an amicable agreement on the Rosia Montana project not be met in the near future. Romania’s lower house rejected the latest mining proposal in September 2013 and discussions have been stagnant ever since.
    Does mining use mercury?
    Mercury was once used throughout the world in gold processing. This process has since been replaced by more efficient and less environmentally damaging techniques.
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