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    China’s Rare-Earth Elements Export Control Gambit Backfires?

    Rare-Earth Elements (REE’s), it turns out, are not really all that rare, it is just that until engineers starting finding uses for them in cell phones, windmills, lithium batteries, and other electronics applications, mining companies were not particularly interested in looking for them. Expanded use of REE’s in the past decade has changed this and created opportunities for mining companies, and, it turns out, for mercantilist bureaucrats in China.

    Defensive Mining

    We all know about defensive driving. But, there is also defensive mining and I’m not talking about avoiding workplace accidents, environmental damage, public relations problems, etc., although those are all important issues to be defensive about.

    Matt Badiali: Why Bill Powers is Dead Wrong

    This interesting interview is reproduced with the kind permission of the Energy Report.  

    Unusual Copper Market Dynamics

    A recent Wall Street Journal article by Matt Day - Copper Delivery Rates Hit Highs - may signal some unusual goings on in metals markets.

    What is the cost of mining gold?

    The falling price of gold has attracted attention from investors and analysts alike.

    Value of Canada’s Mineral Assets Declines

    Statistics Canada has released new figures on the value of Canada’s natural resource assets. In 2012, total natural resource assets were valued at $781 billion, a decrease of 30% from 2011 and reflective of lower prices received.

    Fortunes looking up for the mining sector?

    In an article at CNBC, Holly Ellyatt reports that several investment houses are turning bullish on mining stocks: "Looking ahead, the downside risks seem to be diminishing...

    Two Views on China

    Peter Koven has written an interesting article on a counterintuitive subject: despite a recent fall in commodity prices, mining companies are not showing severe concern.

    Crowdsourcing to find graphite

    Alibaba Resources is trying something new in mining exploration, according to a Resources Wire article in the Financial Post.

    Thorium's potential to supply energy explored in Asia

    The Economist magazine features a fascinating article on thorium and its potential as an energy source.

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