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    Arizona Mining Review: 2014 Interview with Dr. Kenneth Green

    Watch Dr. Kenneth Green, Director of the Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2013, as he discusses Arizona’s performance in the survey with Arizona State Geologist Lee Allison on Arizona Mining Review.

    Not a Small World After All

    An article in Canada’s Financial Post looks at an interesting factor in what the article describes as the “Ring of Fire Debacle” – the recent collapse in investor interest in developing what has been estimated at $60 billion (yes, with a 'b') worth of minerals.

    Do we need to expand our natural resource base through space exploration?
    While the concept of mining in space has been in science fiction for decades, it now could be closer to reality.
    EPA casts doubt on Pebble Mine

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a new report casting a large shadow over the prospects for the proposed Pebble mine in Alaska. The EPA study is not an evaluation of a specific mining proposal, but rather, assesses the potential impacts of mining in the Bristol Bay region by creating 3 mining scenarios.

    The Grouse that Roared: A dodo bird?

    First, let me say that I have nothing against Sage Grouse. And, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen one. I would say that puts me with almost 90 percent of people who also live in areas where Sage Grouse range from southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada to southeastern California. The Sage Grouse population has be declining dramatically primarily because of loss of habitat. 

    Canada’s Free Entry Staking System in Legal Limbo

     Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada decided that it will not review the decision of the Yukon Court of Appeal that has put the “free entry” staking system into legal limbo.

    Mining at the Extremes

    It’s common to read about some of the perceived downsides to mining in many newspapers, but it’s less common to read positive stories about mining, and the people who do it. The Wall Street Journal has not just one, but two articles on mining in Canada’s far north.

    Canada wants 20% of global rare earth market supply but mining policies may hinder development

    The Canadian government has plans to help support the Canadian mining industry in securing a greater proportion of the global rare earth elements (REE) market, reports Frick Els.

    Mining Innovation: 100 Innovations highlighted in a new book
    Humans have mined minerals since the beginning of our civilization. While such a long history may imply old and outdated methods, a new book by Minalliance on 100 innovations in the mining industry quickly dispels this idea.
    The Case for Private Ownership of Mineral Rights

    One of the things suggested in a recent editorial in The Economist on hydraulic fracturing of shale deposits, or “fracking,” in Great Britain suggests there are two sources of resistance to it.

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