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    The Costs of Uncertainty

    The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting column recently on the costs that policy uncertainty has had on the U.S. economy: Three economists, Stanford University's Nicholas Bloom and Scott Baker and the University of Chicago's Steven Davis, have done invaluable work measuring the level of policy uncertainty over the past few decades.

    Debunking the myths about Canada’s Resource Development

    Canada’s reliance on natural resources for development are overblown, according to a new study by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. The paper addresses the misplaced notion of a "resource curse" by correcting six commonly held misconceptions about the development of Canada’s natural resources.

    The Ripple Effect Hits Canadian Banks as Mining Sector Suffers

    Everyone is familiar with the ripple effect, where one throws a rock into a pond, and the ripples propagate outward from the impact, spreading across the surface of the pond. What people often don’t think about is that the ripple effect is also an economic one: throw a stone into one element of the economy, and the effects ripple outward to other elements.

    More on Northern Promise

    The Financial Post has another installment out in its “Northern Promise” series of articles examining development in some of Canada’s more remote regions. Not surprisingly, a lot of those developments revolve around extractive industries for both petroleum and minerals.

    Mining companies expanding local purchasing for mining projects

    Canadian mining companies operating abroad are increasingly buying goods and services locally, according to a Financial Post article on PDAC 2014.

    The Impact of Mining on British Columbia’s Economy
    The Mining Association of British Columbia has released an Economic Impact Analysis, prepared by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, which quantifies the impacts mining on British Columbia’s economy. Direct effects of mining on the economy in terms of output, jobs, and taxes were calculated and reported.
    Serbia’s mining revival

    Serbia is on the cusp of a mining revival according to an article featured recently in the National Post. Although gold and copper has been mined in some parts since Roman times, the mining sector has been stagnant since the early 1990s when wars tore Yugoslavia apart.

    Mining Tax Wars from Australia

    In 2012 the Gillard government introduced mineral resource rent tax or MRRT in Australia which was applied to iron, coal and coal gas. Other minerals were exempted.

    A new demand for sand that’s grand

    When most people think about mining, they think about gold, diamonds, potash, coal, iron, and other metals and minerals. What they probably don’t think about is sand. Apparently, they should

    Sierra Leone’s mining industry spurs economic growth

    An article in the Globe highlights the rapid economic growth in Sierra Leone due to its emerging mining industry.

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